Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Change Keybindings for Emacs-like Editing

Move left-ctrl to left-alt

Contents of .Xmodmap

clear Mod1
clear Control 
clear Mod2 

keycode 64 = Control_L Control_L Control_L Control_L 
keycode 37 = Alt_L Alt_L Alt_L Alt_L 
keycode 108 = Alt_R Alt_R Alt_R Alt_R 
keycode 127 = Num_Lock 

add Mod1 = Alt_L Alt_R 
add Control = Control_L Control_R 
add Mod2 = Num_Lock

Make effective without loging in
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

Save current keybindings
xmodmap -pke > ~/.Xmodmap-original

Dustin Lacewell

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