Thursday, March 10, 2005

OpenGL compile

Compile OpenGL for Linux
g++ opengltest.cpp --fast-math -L/usr/X11R6/include/GL -lglut -lGL -lGLU -o opengltest

Compile OpenGL for OS X
g++ opengltest.cpp -framework OpenGL -framework GLUT -framework foundation -o opengltest

xawtv aalib and mplayer

Adding QuickCam 4000 Pro support
in kernel, add video for linux (v4l) support
add typical usb options
compile kernel and reboot into it
download the pwc driver file (pwc-10.0.6a.tar)
untar and enter dir
"make install"
You need to do this every time you re-compile the kernel

Emerge xawtv package
this includes the program streamer
"streamer -F mono -f jpeg -r 15 -s 352x288 -t 0:60 /dev/dsp -o test.avi"

mplayer aalib in GENTOO
emerge for aalib
Edit the USE flags in make.conf to be
emerge mplayer

mplayer aalib in Fedora
"yum install aalib" didn't seem to work
Instead download aalib from website
untar and cd into aalib dir
./configure --help
Look at the config options
make sure you add --enable-aa
also enable --enable-vesa is helpful for running in the framebuffer
the command should look like this "./configure --enable-aa --enable-vesa"
"make install"

RUN mplayer with aalib
mplayer -vo aa

Using a FIFO combine the two commands
"mkfifo test.avi"
in one terminal, run
"mplayer -vo aa test.avi"
in another terminal, run
"streamer -F mono -f jpeg -r 15 -s 352x288 -t 0:60 /dev/dsp -o test.avi"

This should produce a nice ascii video of the camera

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


This blog will act as a record of my various activities in Linux or Unix. This blog is used specifically to easily post details of various processes that I follow to configure some element of my Linux system. This log is not intended for others to see. However, if one finds something that I do on this site helpful, all the better. I take no responsibility if things do not work.