Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick Setup Instructions for SVN Compile and Local Install

Steps to make a custom build of SVN and place it in non-system directory.

Make a place to store the new copy:
mkdir -p /home/myuser/customsvn/src/
cd /home/myuser/customsvn/src/

Download from Apache Subversion; place in local install src directory:
ls -la /home/myuser/customsvn/src/

Untar subversion then subversion-deps:
tar -jxvf subversion-1.6.xx.tar.bz2
tar -jxvf subversion-deps-1.6.xx.tar.bz2

Configure Command (Configure without Apache stuff):
./configure --prefix=/home/myuser/customsvn/bin/svn/ --with-apxs=no --disable-mod-activation --with-serf=no --with-berkeley-db=no  | tee configure.jjj.log
make | tee make.jjj.log
make install | tee make_install.jjj.log

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