Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MacPorts Usage

Update MacPorts itself
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port -d selfupdate # debug

Updates the port tree with new versions definitions
sudo port sync

List available ports
sudo port list

Search ports
port search [keyword]

Lookup package info (desc, maintainer, etc)
port info [package]

Find package dependencies
port deps [package]

Install package
sudo port install [package]
sudo port -v install [package] #verbose

Clean out build files and tarballs
port clean --all [pakcage]

Uninstall a package
sudo port uninstall [package]

Show port contents
port contents [package]

List installed packages
port installed

List outdated ports
port outdated

Upgrade specific packages
port upgrade [package]
port upgrade outdated #updates all outdated packages

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